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A Quirky Porch

A Quirky Porch

A couple of friends needed a quirky porch to cover the entrance to their house, and from where to survey a well curated garden. 
They are avid gardeners, highly social people who greet their neighbors coffee in hand from their porch. The garde has a giant magnolia, and under its branches they have placed a little hourse for the wrens to nest. 
They have small and unexpected garden sculptures, a red hand pump to water their garden straight from their well, and everything from flowers to unusual herbs for their kitchen.

I designed for them a small porch in the manner of the American revivalists of yore, using a variation of the Doric Greek Order -a carpenter's variation full of ingenuity, if one must-  with the help of the fine folks of Chadswordth Columns. 

By pairing the porch with the the new window shutters with cast iron hardware, and with the stonework of the porch we brought back and old time charm to this brick house.

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