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Americans with Disabilities Act

Our team can help you:


Develop your accesibility plan to guarantee a barrier free environment. 


Redesing an existing building -partially or totally- to guarantee usability, total access, and a healty environment for all.


Design kitchens, bathrooms, and other special areas of a home for individuals with highly limited movility or severe conditions such as the elderly and wounded veterans. 


Design entrances, gardens, and leisure spaces according to the needs of citizens with motor difficulties and limited mobility.


Prepare a plan to update your property in case of needed transformation to accomodate indivuals with disabilities. 


Create safe environments for independent living.


Open any existing space to access to all individuals with independence of their health conditions, mobility, and other physical limitations.


Successfully create work environments for individuals with disabilities. 

The Process

We will take your existing building and study how to fullfill the accesibility needs for citizens with disabilities and write a set of recomendations or do a project to make your property to comply with the American with Disabilities Act. 

We will study each one of the problem areas to allow accesibiltiy and to comply both with codes and demands of other disciplines, such as Historic Preservation, Department of Transportation, Department of Health, and all other government agencies. 

Our team will provide you with ADA compatible designs for all the areas that need to be re-addressed or redesigned to provide a barrier free environment for all citizens. 

We are very keen in constructing facilities that are barrier free, appropiate for all health conditions, ages, and types of mobility. 
We pride ourselves in providing spaces that can accomodate persons with severe ambulatory limitations, wounded veterans, and the elderly.

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