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Restaurants and Bars

Flavors, textures, temperatures, plating, tradition and modernity, umami, comfort food and experimental cuisine are the descriptors used by chef and restaurateurs to describe the experience of eating and drinking at their newest place. Successfully translating them to architecture is what we do, finding inspiration in tradition and memories or inventing new traditions and memories as a home for an innovator. Bring your childhood memories, your favorite colors, and smells; recall the visual, tactile, and culinary impact of your cultural past. The table is set with our imagination; we will give you an architectural canvas for your culinary arts, building a temple of gusto for the chef and the alchemist behind the bar.
Restaurants and Bars
Xavier Cervera

The firm worked with the Xavier Cervera Group to design a few of the best bars and restaurants of Capitol Hill, eventually venturing in other areas of the city, such as the Navy Yards. The aesthetics of the designs are linked to the history of the buildings, thus defining the character of the restaurants, from their names to their menus, from their facades and patios, to their sophisticated interiors.

The Hawk n Dove

The Hawk n Dove was the Washington DC unofficial watering hole for politicians, journalists, lobbysts, Capitol Hill staffers, and everybody in the know on this side of the Potomac River. After many years, the tavern was sold and we renovated it, going from a quasi speakeasy to an open space with an old time charm and modern cuisine and cocktails.

The original three buildings were combined into one property, with rusted iron ceilings, caged chandeliers, a pizza oven and two bars.

The tavern is as unequivocal Washington DC as it comes, and spills onto the sidewalk on Pennsylvania Avenue, offering a privileged vantage point to observe the life of the city, and be observed, too!

The Park Tavern

The firm first completed project in the Navy Yards is The Park Tavern, which sits in the middle of an urban park that from summery garden goes into skating rink in the winter. The restaurant is housed in a moden building, which is all glass and concrete.

All the interior design was executed in blonde woods, metal, and whimsically, it sports vegetal tableaux vivants on the walls, with living floral arragements framed as artwork.


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