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General Contracting & Construction Management

General Contractors
& Construction Managers


As general contractors and construction managers our team can help you:


Build your residential or commercial project


Develop your construction drawings.


Write your spec book. 


Design special and custom items in your construction project.


Review, redline, and approve your shop drawings.


Recommend fabricators,subcontractors, and construction trade foremen.


Represent you as a client with your general contractor or act as your general contractor, be your link to government agencies, engineers, and service providers.


Take care of your permit needs, hiring a qualified permit runner in your behalf


Recruit the engineering talent needed to complet your project.


Hire third party inspections to help with the different phases of approval of your construction project.


Coordinate with other professionals, trades, and agencies to take your project to completion.

The Process

As your general contractors and construction managers we bring the design process to completion.


We produce a finished building that shows our trademark quality and our aesthetic signature  from begining to end.

We will hire the most effective and qualified crew to perform all the complex tasks required by your residential or commercial project.


We will be your overseer -your eyes and ears on site- and we will represent and defend your interests at all times. 

We hire permit runners, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers, audio-visual especialists and construction trade foremen.

We develop your project's construction drawings, and manage the design improvements, specifications, shop drawings, samples and fabrication of special elements. 


We will suggest finishing materials and upgrades, review specs  and coordinate with the various disciplines and specialties involved in your construction project.


Our philosophy of total design and our knowledge green and sustainable construction methods is complemented with our familiarity with new technologies.


Our knowledge of high end materials, upscale fixtures, and smart appliances becomes your own personal asset when we build your project.




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