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Recently Finished & Current Projects

Willie's Brew & 'Cue

Willie's Brew & 'Cue is a southern comfort food restaurant located in the area of the Washington Navy Yards, a boosting neighborhood in the city's riverfront. 
The restaurant occupies the westermost extreme of an old industrial building, where the boiler maker factory of the naval industrial complex used to be.

Today, craft beers, local wines, and a smoked meats take the place of the riveting guns and metal forming machinery.


The American - In Progress


The American is another restaurant by the Cervera Group which will be located in Historic Blagden Alley, very close to artist studios, a coffee house, a modern cuisine temple, and many residences.
With the American, we are bringing the concept of the family restaurant and the neighborhood bar to literally the backyards of the homes of the neighborhood, and most of its neighbors can just do that, they can take a stroll through the alley, and enjoy a craft beer or a hearty dish.

A boutique in Georgetown


This was a fun project, to create a ratail desk for the boutique of a friend. The desk was designed by playing with forms, like folding and unfolding a piece of paper to deconstruct an origami, or sculpting clay, or cutting through a slab of butter with a warm sharp knife.... The resulting solid is indeed a unique retail desk in Washington DC, most likely unique. 

The desk was custom-built by my dear friend, Charles Hoffman, the owner of Old Dominion Cabinet Makers, he is an artisan of the old school. 

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