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Graphics & Logos

The graphics -on the walls, the papers, the dishes, your logotype and the door decals- are one of the ways that our design product communicates to your clients who you are, what is your philosophy, and at the same time, our graphics offer them a flash of what to expect as they walk through your doors.

We work with your corporate image from simple sketches, with brush strokes and pencil hatching, and then we produce a complex set of products that go from a one liner statement to a menu-board, from a monogram for your napkins and towels, to the engraving on your custom made mint julep silver cups.
Design is our religion. Soon to be yours, too.

Our practice embraces the total design philosophy, and we design all logos, menus, corporate images, define the general look of a space, and we deliver a comprehensive design product in all scales, from business card to logos, from interiors to kichens, and from shelll building to gardens. These logos reflect the character of some restaurants according to the desires of the chefs owners and the theme of their cuisines.

Street Signs

The passerby, the street photographer, the birdwatcher, and your competitors all will notice your different sign. Our studio works with vintage pieces, newly built signs, calligraphy, fonts, tridimensional resources, and whimsical pieces, just to put your personality on view.

We take pride in studying your building, looking for ghostsigns, the history of the structure and architectural features to produce a sign that integrates with the past, and that connects your building to the future.
The visual richness of your neighborhood will be enhanced with one of our signs, and your customer will immediately feel identified with your business.

A sign for a restaurant should be as idiosyncratic as the chef, telling the passerby of the theme of the food, and specially, it should be read in one quick glance without confusions.A sign goes from graphic design involving texts and fonts to an icon that is recognized before the eye can process the textual message.A sign is almost and ideogram.We develop signs for our projects as part of the complete graphic identity of the project. Our signs are usually the tridimensional cousins of our logos.

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