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Old Drawings

The time-line of our studio can be seen in some of our old drawings, from 1982 to the end of the 20th Century, and the begining of the 21st Century. This makes us sound older than we really are, but the Studio started by that time, and its history was interrupted by some life events, some earth shattering,  and some just very pleasant. Again, the life of the designers can be chronicled through their sketchbooks.
Javier Francisco Bedoya

He was a very good friend of mine, a very interesting soul.... A man of the world, his world, and a man of a word. He was as complex and as creative, as interesting and cultivated as Syd Barrett. He was Syd Barrett, in a way, from his reclusion to his friendship, from his erudition and solitude, from the day we met we became best friends, without talking much. We knew what each other wanted. He passed away, untimely. We are still friends, in different worlds. 
I designed two monuments to his memory, to be unbuilt, as all his work was unbuilt and not for that less permanent. Shine on, you crazy diamond, as I used to tell you everyday.

Palazzo Shimada, New York

This was a great exercise in drawing from culture and mind, a work of patience. The client was a wealthy Japanese merchant living in New York, and these sketches were done at the offices of Brian O'Keefe, a good friend and very talented colleague. 
This was our interpretation of a Northern Italian palace in a row house in New York City. 

Museum of the 19th Century Life and Architecture, NYC

This was the final project for the Institute for Classical Architecture Summer Course, in 1999. 
The objective was to design a classically inspired building and to work on the details, drafting them by hand. 

Two Lofts in Montreal​


Two entrepeneurs in Montreal commissioned these lofts, in historic buildings in the traditional neighborhoods of the city. 


They were build using these drawings as conceptual springboards, without formal plans, just by sketching on site with a crew of skilled artisans and painters. 



Some odd designs, from many years ago.

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