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Facade Improvement Projects


Our studio done work with the DHCD, DC Main Streets, and DMPED funded Great Streets  Façade Improvement Programs. We have designed many facades for existing buildings in vital urban corridors such as Barracks Row, the H Street NE Main Street, and Shaw Main Streets, Mount Pleasant, and the Rhode Island Avenue NE corridor, among others.

We have also re-designed buildings housing local businesses in those areas, usually as an extension of the façade program intervention seamlessly integrating the existing with the new construction. This provides the business owners with a budget conscious alternative for the renewal of their building.

Our façades are highly visible examples of integration with the existing urban fabric and in also, they are the turning point after which other façades imitate ours and the streetscape becomes more lively with our façades as anchors and pioneers.

We believe in the visual impact of the collection of buildings and in the power of "minor" architectural works, those are the ones that compose the background of the city canvas, allowing for "major" pieces to have a more oustanding presence without being redundant and without the cacophony of a street overpopulated by buildings that compete against one another for the visual attention of the passerby.

311 K Street 

This is an intervention for a small automobile repair shop in the historic Mount Vernon Square neighborhood of Washington DC. 

The project remains unbuilt.


Intervention in an Alley


In this project, three different clients had three different buildings in a historic alley of Capitol Hill, and the firm was designing two restaurants in the area, Pacifico and the Senart's Oyster House. A client commisioned a new entry for her house, another client commisioned an intervention for his art gallery, comprising a roof deck, and a third client was interested in retrofitting an existing garage into an office and pied a terre. 

A Jazz and Blues Club

A jazz and blues promoter from the hispter corridor of Washington DC H Street NE Main Street commisioned a facade intervention for his new club. This project includes a neon sculpture, a steel and glass canopy, and recovers a building from oblivion in a historic neighborhood. 

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