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Every residential project is approached from the unique perspective set by the existing building, the clients’ personality or the expanse of land in a unique urban setting or natural landscape. The particularity of each project carries the imprint of the personality of the clients, their lifestyle and their own private collections. Travel, exotic materials, personal history, antique market finds and heirlooms all find a place in the residential design by OdC Studio and Interiors. And if you are a cutting-edge thrill seeker, we can also take you in that exhilarating drive that you yearn: without stopping in the present, we will take you from the past into the unexplored future.
Our Design Philosophy

We believe that more is more, and that less is less .We believe that a house is not a machine to live in, we believe that a house is an habitable piece of art with its own particular hearbeat and its own particular spirit.

In our studio every house is designed with the owners and their families in mind, and with their lifestyle, their pets, their prized books, and their art and life mementos as pieces around which the daily life of the home owner revolves.

A house is not a home until it is loved and humanized.
We don't built houses. we built homes.



Collaborating with the archetypical Southern master architect Ken Tate was a rare privilege. All the conversations, the sketch exchanges, every little thought and word led to another chapter in the design of an element that lately encounter its place in a southern home. Details, gardens, libraries, grand porches, entry doors, all those elements came about after a particular kind of brainstorming –or thought collisions, if one will- took us from the cyberspace to the sketch book, from the wood shop to the construction site, and ultimately, back home to the grandeur of Southern architecture.

Renovations & Additions

Every house deserves a second chance, given their potential. From concept to completion of the project we materialize your dream.

Art & Antiques


Art and architecture have been indissolubly linked from centuries, until the white tide of modern architecture in the 1920's erased all connection with art dismissing it as "mere ornamental". Well, we believe in ornament, and in art, and if  you do too, then you are in the right place.

Our team will integrate your art collection in your interior spaces, and will build a garden around your favorite sculptures, or will create a setting for your collection of large scale works and installations.

We can also help you start a collection by commissioning local artists to create the right piece of art for your home or your business. 

We can commision the art for our projects, or we can scout the art market to find the perfect piece for your interiors. Our firm can organize an existing art collection in themes, and we can provide the client with a "rotary" list of pieces to exhibit at different seasons and times of the year. The art collection can be just heirlooms of sentimental values, a large painting collection, or a sculpture garden; we treat them with the same respect and interest.
We also can produce special art pieces for our customers, which are created only once, therefore being original, personal, and unique in nature and quantity. 

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