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Restaurant Consulting

Our team can help you:


Develop your culinary concept and beverage program.


Find a space in an area of town where demographics and the business mix are ripe.


Design your kitchen and bar, selecting the appropriate equipment for your concept.


Design your culinary garden, seamlessly integrated with your kitchen.


Develop your business plan.


Create a strategy for crowd funding through non-traditional investment.


Study the availability of grants and other resources to improve your business.


Recruit the talent you need to implement your concept.

Develop a corporate image, designing your menus and graphics.


Develop the link between the back and the front of the house, suggesting a point of sales solution.


Develop your branding and marketing and connect you with PR professionals. 

The Process

Besides designing a restaurant with a stunning façade and interiors, our team will create a unique signage for you, which is your three-dimensional business card in the urban landscape. Our signs are eye-catching, unique, and inviting. They attract the customer encourage them to discover your concept, your cuisine, and your philosophy as a chef.
We do not stop there, though. We design efficient kitchens, bars, and the back of the house is as important for us as your dining room, your bar, and your social spaces. The back of the house is where the magic happens in a restaurant and much of our efforts are in that area. 


Our analysis will help you establish anything from a pop-up in the local farmers market to a food truck, from a comfort food cozy joint to a high-end white tablecloth restaurant, from a dive watering hole with a hip soul to the ultimate see-and-be-seen bar in town.

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