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Unbuilt Restaurants and Bars

Spirits, in two unbuilt

Spirits is a cutting edge, experimental bar to be paired to Rogue 24, James Beard Award winner Chef RJ Cooper’s own restaurant. It was a modernistic concept for never before tasted drinks, tucked in a rough and tumble Washington DC alley. To this day, Spirits remains unbuilt. The design paid homage to the Detroit origins of the Chef with cars hanging from the ceiling and his love for the open road and motorcycles. The old garage building was to be retrofitted into an hedonistic temple, with mad scientist Bryan Tetorakis officiating at the mixology laboratory. The second incarnation of Spirits athe cross the alley from the American, and around the corner from Rogue24. In this project, the speak easy theme resurfaces on the second floor of the building, while in the first floor the bar draws both from the by-gone era aesthetics and the objet trouvé aesthetic philosophy. 


Unbuilt Work

After designing a few of the best bars and restaurants of Capitol Hill, the firm has been commisioned with the design of several other venues, which remain unbuilt up to this time.
Among them, Anthem, Spirits, Toyland, Pigtails, and a few start ups in the H Street NE corridor.

The design for these buildings included intervention in the facades, interiors, culinary gardens, furniture, and in a couple of cases, the music soundtrack as well!

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