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Unbuilt Stone House

A Stone House

A stone house has a special magic quality that talks of permanence in time, of solidity, tradition, and is a gift for the future generations of a family.

The character of permanence of a stone mansion, no matter "her" style of architecture is a primary source of value the home. A stone house is rooted in the terrain in a different way, speak to her visitors and inhabitants in a language that is very different that of a house built of brick, wood, or any other materials.
Tradition, history, permanence, solidity.
Those are the treats that define the character of a stone house.


A stone house has style on its one. It can be modern, it can be traditional, it can has references to historic buildings or be a complete invention, it can be a massive complex or a small home, and her style will be always unique.
The marriage of stone with other materials such as wood, steel, glass, tiles, shingles, and the details of the doors and fenestration, the pavement leading to the gardens and garages, will further define the style of the house.
There are no two stone houses that are completely alike, they are as natural as the stone itself, as related to the landscape as her materials.



The fireplaces, the big slabs of stone, the wooden lintels, the monumental doors and the soaring chimneys have a particular "design weight" in a stone house.

They also mold the interiors of the house, and modulate the warmth of the spaces, through the materials that bring the exterior to the interior with an honest structural design that talks about a serious builder-designer relationship.
The natural materials used in a stone house reflect the sensitivity of her masters, the craftiness of her builders, and the artistry of her designer. For town or country, a stone house is always a reminder of the permance of a culture, and the solidity of a civilization.


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